What we help​

Full-service provider

Sol International Medical is committed to helping every business thrive. Check out all our other offerings—and if there’s something you need that we don’t yet offer, get in touch and let’s develop it together.

Service & Repair

Sol International Medical’s service and repair programs give you confidence your equipment will be up and running when you need it. Our experts work with medical and cosmetic systems from over 20 companies, guaranteeing performance and results at-or-beyond original equipment specifications.

Clinical Training

We’re dedicated to supporting our providers to make sure they get the most out of their devices. Sol International Medical’s comprehensive, hands-on and/or virtual education covers both basic and advanced protocols, empowering you to confidently use your Sol International Medical Assured devices.

Assured Development™

In-house resources give your practice the tools it needs to succeed. BothSol International Medical and LaserTrader devices provide you access to our Assured Development™ team and materials from our online portal. Apply these tools practice-wide for unmatched growth.


Assured Financial™ by Sol International Medical helps your practice scale and prosper. We offer quick approvals, flexible terms and rates—as low as 0% for up to 24 months—and we consider all credit profiles. Whether a large and established brand or small and local start up, Assured Financial works with you at every stage of your business.

Our process

Sol International Services

Sol International Medical is the aesthetic industry’s first and only full-service provider. We’re a partner in your business and a one-stop shop for all your aesthetic device needs.

Assured Consulting

Sol International Medical is dedicated to building a collaborative partnership with our clients to significantly enhance their practice efficiency

Clinical Training

Dedicated to the knowledge that facilitates safe and effective outcomes through higher learning.

Practice Development

We invest with our clients by creating a culture of growth and development that fosters innovation, creativity, and return on investment.

Assured Financial™

We offer finance solutions for Sol International Medical devices and beyond.

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Assured Financial™

The first and only transparent medical-aesthetic finance company dedicated to delivering rapid and reasonable finance solutions. Simple. Honest. Effective. Fast. Cooperative.

Assured Financial redefines medical-aesthetic financing with unparalleled support, options, flexibility, and integrity.

Hassle free online applications and documents​
Soft credit check—no impact on your credit score​
No simple interest—lowest rates
Straightforward early buy-out options
Complete financing for equipment, installation, training, and service plans
All credit profiles considered—including new business

Clinical Training

Sol International Medical has the first and only clinical team qualified to provide paramount training and continued clinical support for our proprietary technology and aesthetic devices from all major manufacturers. Education. Commitment. Expertise. Advocacy. Results.

Dedicated to the knowledge that facilitates safe and effective outcomes through higher learning.

Device specific education​
General laser theory​
Continued learning
Facilitating provider networking
On-going clinical support for the life of your device
Assistance with patient management
Guidance with clinical expansion

Practice Development

Assured Development® is the first and only practice development program for both proprietary and pre-owned devices by Sol International Medical. Communication. Experience. Partnership. Execution. Success.

We invest with our clients by creating a culture of growth and development that fosters innovation, creativity, and return on investment.

Consultative listening and applied experience to differentiate your business
Collaboration for custom solutions driven by sucess​
Grow with data, market trends, and best practices
Solutions designed to improve patient care, process, and revenue
Branding partnership
Invest in strategic relationships for future opportunity

Assured Service

Sol International Medical is the first and only service company qualified to work on aesthetic devices from all major manufacturers. Safe. Effective. Creative. Preventative. Affordable. Dedicated and innovative engineering to enable your company to focus on patients and profitability.

Guaranteed to meet FDA indications for use​
No re-certification fees ​
Avoid the confusion of multiple service vendors
Assured Protection Plans—options to eliminate device downtime
Proactive solutions
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